The inspiration to create this site came to me during the time I had been encouraged, as a geriatric, to broaden my knowledge of the computer world. Whilst covering the subject of Networks we were encouraged to use the Internet and World Wide Web to research two diverse subjects of our choice. Being an ex-submariner and a keen Chrysanthemum grower the choice wasn't too difficult.   Come on, how much more diverse can you get?

The object of interest in the submarine world was the British submarine Seal. I knew that this boat had surrendered during World War II and was curious to see whether I could find any information at all about this affair.   I was rather dismayed at the lack of information about British submarines, I eventually stumbled on to 'U-web', which is now known as U-boat net.   I was deeply impressed by the coverage of U boats and the dedication of Gudmundur Helgason, even more so to find that he wasn't even German but an Icelander and a relatively young one at that.I decided then (late 1996), that on completion of college I would make an attempt to make available information on the British submarine service.

I was nudged into this after following a link from Ron Martini's site to John Eades (Royal Navy Submarines), and realised that if I didn't pull the proverbial finger, I would never get it on. So, here are my efforts, not very professional but I am working on it, honest. I hope to make available information of the British submarine service from its introduction to the Royal Navy to the present, covering all classes (types) of submarine, so the present could be forever.   Bear with me and I hope I will deliver the goods.   I would appreciate your comments, not too scathing, please, and would like to take this opportunity to thank Frank Harris and Ron Rickman (now sadly deceased) for all their encouragement and support during my time at college.

Due to my commitments to maintaining various other sites I'm afraid BriTsuB has suffered over the last couple of years, I now hope to rectify this.