V Class

Small Patrol Submarine

  • V Class Submarine
  • Vampire 1944
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There was very little difference between this and the preceding 'U' class, they were able to dive deeper by adopting a partly welded construction.   They had more powerful diesel engines which improved the surface speed and they were some ten feet longer in length.

The construction of the class was cut back after the close of the Mediterranean war, and eventually abandoned at the end of the hostilities in Europe.   Fortytwo of this class were originally authorised but twenty were cancelled.

They had a more raking stern than the 'U' class and were easily distinguished by the direction finding loop which was positioned aft of the casing as opposed to just aft of the conning tower in the 'U' class.

Considerable numbers of the 'U' and 'V' class were transferred to Allied Navies.

1941 V Class Build Programme

8 Built

Vampire, Veldt
Venturer, Vigorous
Viking, Virtue
Visigoth, Vox(2)

Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness.
1943 - 1944

Of the 1941 programme boats Venturer was transferred to the Norwegian Navy and renamed Utstein.   Viking was also transferred to the Norwegian Navy and renamed Utvaer, both of these transfers took place in 1946.
Veldt was loaned to the Greek Navy from 1943 to 1957 and renamed Pipinos.


Technical Information

545 sf
740 sm

Length (ft):
204.5 (loa)

Breadth (ft):

Draught/Height (ft):

2 x 6 cylinder Davey Paxman diesel engines.
800/760 h.p. General Electric Motors.

Speed (kts):
12.75 kts sf
9 kts sm

Oil Supply (tons):

4 x 21 inch bow tubes. 8 torpedoes.
1 x 3 inch/45 QF MkI
3 x 0.303 inch Lewis or Vickers MG.

5,000/120 nmiles at 10/2 kts sf/sm.

37 (4 Officers and 33 Others).