Usk Crest

Small Patrol Submarine


U Class
First Group

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
6th November 1939.
Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness.

11th October 1940.
Lt. Cdr. P.R. Ward.

Aug. 1940 - Mar. 1941
Lt. Cdr. P. R. Ward.
Mar. - May 1941
Lt. G. P. Darling.

4 Officers, 27 Others.

Service Career:
1st Flotilla - Malta.

Completed Five War Patrols, she was lost on her sixth patrol.

On completion of work up and a return to Barrow for minor defects.
4th November 1940 - Departed Barrow for Fort Blockhouse, Gosport.

First Patrol - 6th November 1940.
Whilst on passage from Barrow to Fort Blockhouse ordered to patrol west of Ushant, France.
11th November - Ended patrol at Fort Blockhouse.

Second Patrol - 21st November 1940.
Departed Fort Blockhouse to patrol in the English Channel.
30th November - Ended patrol at Fort Blockhouse.

Third Patrol - 11th December 1940.
Departed Fort Blockhouse for Malta via Gibraltar.
14th December - Ordered to divert to form patrol line with Unique, Upholder and Thunderbolt in the Bay of Biscay to intercept U-boats on their way to the Gironde.
18th December - Ordered to continue to Gibraltar.
23rd December - Ended patrol at Gibraltar.

Fourth Patrol - 1st January 1941.
Departed Gibraltar to take up a patrol position with Triumph and Upholder to the West of Gibraltar off Cape Spartel.
2nd January - Recalled to Gibraltar, arrived later the same day.
7th January - Departed Gibraltar for Malta. She was to patrol a designated area to cover the passage of the EXCESS convoy.
17th January - Ended patrol at Malta.

Fifth Patrol - 3rd February 1941.
Departed Malta to patrol off Tripoli, Libya.
9th February - Attacked an enemy convoy with two torpedoes near Tripoli, Libya. Both torpedoes miss their target.
14th February - Ended patrol at Malta.

Sixth Patrol - 19th April 1941.
Departed Malta to patrol off Marettimo Island.
25th April - Sent her last signal at 2100 hours. She reported that she was proceeding to patrol off Cape Bon, Tunisia due to intense anti submarine activity in the Marettimo area.
26th April - Was ordered by Captain S.1's signal to form a patrol line with Unbeaten, Utmost, Upholder, Ursula, Upright and Truant. She never answered and is believed to have been sunk most probably by mine off Cape Bon.

Lost, probably mined 3rd May 1941 whilst on patrol off Cape Bon.