Unsparing Crest

Small Patrol Submarine


U Class
Second Group

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
11th August 1941.
Vickers, Tyne.

29th November 1942.
Lt. A.D. Piper, DSC**.

Aug. 1942 - June 1944
Lt. A.D. Piper, DSC**, RNR.
Oct. 1944 - 1945
Lt. J.M.C. Fenton, DSC.
June - Sept. 1945
Lt. C.R.P.C. Branson.
Sept. 1945
Lt. J.E.F. Dickson MBE

4 Officers, 29 Others.

Service Career:
8th Flotilla, Algiers.
10th Flotilla, Malta.
1st Flotilla, Beirut.
1st Flotilla, Malta.
Refitting at Tilbury.
7th Flotilla, Rothesay.

Completed Thirteen 'War Patrols'.

At the end of December 1942 to Mid January 1943 patrolling in the Utvaer area.

May 1943 - Departs Holy Loch for the Mediterranean and carries out a patrol in the Biscay area enroute.  During this patrol on the 24th June she attacks a ship with four torpedoes off Cape Antibes, no hits were obtained.

In mid July 1943 - Joined Unison and Unrivalled to patrol North of Sicily.  

26th July - Sighted a medium sized tanker steering southeast and began a surface attack. One of the escorts, however, sighted her and she was forced her to dive and was unable to fire her torpedoes. She then suffered a generator defect and had to withdraw to Malta.

31st August 1943 - Torpedoed and sank the Italian tanker Flegetonte off Bari, Italy.

29th September 1943 - Sank a Greek sailing vessel with gunfire off Kythira Island, Greece.

Along with Unrivalled and Unruly despatched to join the 1st Flotilla (Beirut) to replace the T Class boats which had been despatched to the Far East.

3rd October 1943 - Ordered to patrol off Kos.
4th October 1943 - Came upon a 100-ton schooner at anchor and fired two torpedoes at her at a range of 700 yards. One torpedo was seen to run under, and the other missed to the right. She saw nothing else.
6th October 1943 - Ordered to withdraw through Kaso Strait.

24th October 1943 - Departed Beirut for patrol south of Amorgos.
29th October 1943 - Torpedoed and sank the German merchant Ingeborg (1160 GRT, former French Ste. Martine) west of the Island of Stampalia, Greece in position 36°33N, 25°54'E.
31st October 1943 - Damaged a sailing vessel with gunfire south of Cape Koraxas, Amorgos Island, Greece. During the exchange of gunfire one of the gun crew was killed and three injured and the patrol area was left to return the injured to harbour.

16th November 1943 - Departed Beirut for patrol in the southwest Aegean.

2nd December 1943 - Sank a Greek sailing vessel with gunfire south of Levitha island, Greece. 1st January 1944 - Docked at Port Said.

5th January 1944 - Departed Port Said to patrol between Lemnos and Tenedos.

15th January 1944 - Sank two Greek sailing vessels with gunfire off Lemnos Island, Greece.
24th january 1944 - Bombarded Kandeliusa.

19th Febuary 1944 - Torpedoed and damaged the German merchant Peter in the Aegean north of Skiathos Island.
22nd February 1944 - Sank the Greek sailing vessel Evangelistria with gunfire off Volos, Greece.

2nd April 1944 - Departed Malta for patrol in the Aegean but was routed south and east of Crete to enter by the Kaso Strait. She saw nothing off Scarpanto.

8th April 1944 - Moved to Kandeliusa to intercept the Anita that was expected to sail from Rhodes shortly.

12th April 1944 - Sighted three destroyers arriving at Rhodes, which were obviously her escort. Fired a full salvo of four torpedoes at a range of 2500 yards at Anita and one of the destroyers that formed an overlapping target.The torpedoes were spotted by an accompanying aircraft who warned the Anita and escort. One torpedo just missed the destroyer TA16 and Anita made an emergency turn away avoiding two other torpedoes, which passed close ahead of her. The fourth torpedo was a surface runner, which was evaded by the destroyer TA19. ">
Ordered to patrol west of Nikaria and later in the Doro Channel in the hope of intercepting Anita on her way back to Piraeus but she saw nothing.
Returned to Malta using the Andikithira Channel.

9th May 1944 - Departed Malta to patrol the north coast of Crete.

18th May 1944 - Ordered to move patrol to the Kos area.

19th May 1944 - Sank two sailing vessels and damaged two others with gunfire off Kos.

16th June 1944 - Departed Malta for patrol in the southern Aegean.

21st June 1944- Sighted a southbound convoy off Cape Malea consisting of a coaster and a Siebel ferry escorted by a UJ-boat and an Arid seaplane. Ffired four torpedoes at the coaster and the UJ-boat, which formed a continuous target. Two torpedoes hit and sank UJ2106 the Siebel ferry then stopped to pick up survivors.
Reloaded one tube and fired a torpedo set to run on the surface at the Siebel ferry that was end on and hit but did not sink her. An hour later another tube had been reloaded and this time hit and sank her. The aircraft did not interfere but the coaster, Sybille, escaped back into Monemvasia.

9th July 1944 - Departed Malta for patrol in the southern Aegean off Milo. This would be her last patrol before returning to the UK for refit.

1st August 1944 - Departed Malta for refit in the UK.

May 1945 - Part of the 7th Flotilla at Rothesay.

Sold 14th February 1946.