Small Patrol Submarine


U Class
Second Group

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
26th July 1940
Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness.

24th September 1941
Lt. H. N. Edmonds DSC.

Aug. 1941 - Mar. 1942
Lt. H. N. Edmonds DSC.

4 Officers, 29 Others.

Service Career:
5th Flotilla, HMS Dolphin, Gosport. Detached with 3rd Flotilla at Holy Loch for working up.
10th Flotilla, Malta.

Completed Seven 'War Patrols'.

On completion of work up departed UK to join the 10th Flotilla at Malta.

24th October to 7th November 1941 - Carried out work up patrol in the Biscay area.

26th November 1941 - Sighted a U-boat whilst patrolling off Belle Isle and missed with two torpedoes.
27th November 1941 - Rendezvoused with fishing vessel for a transfer of petrol and stores for the French Resistance.

18th December 1941 - Departed Portsmouth to join the 1st Flotilla at Malta.
9th January 1942 - Landed two agents near Cannes.
15th January - Arrived Malta.

16th January - Formed a patrol line in company with Urge off Tripoli to intercept an enemy convoy. Contact was made and fired four torpedoes at a range of 4500 yards, claiming a hit. She was counter attacked with thirty depth charges. The remaining four ships of the convoy reached Tripoli without further damage. Most of the troops were saved, and another 71 tanks were landed.

February 1942
Formed a patrol line with Urge and Unique south of Messina to give cover to a Malta bound convoy.
15th February - Sighted two cruisers southbound and escorted by destroyers. Fired a full salvo of four torpedoes in a surface attack. The range, however, was long (7000 yards) and the enemy speed was high and she failed to secure a hit.
16th February - Sighted the same force, which had been sent out from Messina to attack convoy MF5. The main units were identified as Gorizia and Trento. Fired another full salvo of four torpedoes. The large ships were missed, but one torpedo hit and damaged the destroyer Carabinieri. Some of the seven other destroyers counter attacked for three and a half hours dropping 216 depth charges but without causing any significant damage. The others towed Carabinieri into harbour.

21st February 1942 - In company with Upholder, Unbeaten and P35 departed Malta to form a patrol line to intercept an enemy convoy. None of the boats arrived in time and she was ordered to the Gulf of Qabes to patrol.

6th March 1942 - Suffered minor damage due a near miss during an air raid on Malta.

1st April 1942 - Received a direct hit during an air raid on Malta and sank alongside.

Bombed and sunk by enemy aircraft in Malta, April 1942.
In July 1958 work on salving the P.36 commenced.  She was raised to the surface on 7th August 1958 and two weeks later towed out to sea to be sunk for the second and final time.