Small Patrol Submarine


U Class
Second Group

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
19th June 1940
Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness.

30th May 1941
Lt. R.D. Whiteway-Wilkinson DSO.

April - Aug. 1941
Lt. R.D. Whiteway-Wilkinson DSO.

4 Officers, 29 Others.

Service Career:
5th Flotilla, HMS Dolphin, Gosport. Detached with 3rd Flotilla at Holy Loch for working up.
10th Flotilla, Malta.

Completed One 'War Patrol', she was lost on her second patrol.

On completion of work up and trials departed for Malta to join the 10th Submarine Flotilla.

17th June 1941 - Departed Holy Loch for Malta via Gibraltar.
26th June - Arrived Gibraltar.
28th June - Departed Gibraltar for Malta.
6th July - Arrived Malta.

First Patrol - 11th July 1941.
Departed Malta to patrol to the North-West of Lampedusa and form a patrol line with Ursula and Unbeaten to intercept a southbound convoy but nothing was seen. Later she was ordered to patrol off the Gulf of Hammamet and finally she was ordered to take up a patrol position to the South of Pantelleria.
15th July - Attacked a convoy and torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant Barbarigo off Pantellaria Island.
16th July - Ended patrol at Malta.

Second Patrol - 6th August 1941.
Departed Malta to form part of a patrol line with P.32 and Unique to patrol off Tripoli.
18th August - Unique tried to make contact with P.33 by SST but without success, she was probably mined some time before on one the sections of the ‘T’ minefield.

Depth-charged and sunk by Italian torpedo boat Partenope off Pantelleria 18th August 1941.