Turbulent Crest

Large Patrol Submarine

T Class

Second Group

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
15th March 1940.
Vickers-Armstong, Barrow.

2nd December 1941.
Cdr. J.W. Linton, VC, DSC, DSO.

Aug. 1941 - Mar. 1943.
Cdr. J.W. Linton, VC, DSC, DSO.

5 Officers 56 Others.

Service Career:

Completed eleven War Patrols. She was lost on her twelfth patrol.

3rd January 1942 - Departed Holy Loch for Gibraltar.
10th January 1942 - Arrived Gibraltar.

First patrol - 15th January to 21st January 1942.

27th January 1942 - Departed Gibraltar for Malta with stores and passengers.
2nd February 1942 - Arrived Malta.

Second patrol - 4th February to 13th February 1942.
To patrol Suda Bay and on completion to Alexandria with stores and passengers.

Third patrol - 23rd February to 17th March 1942.
To patrol the Aegean and Dardanelles.
26th February - Attempts to attack a convoy near Suda Bay but is detected and depth charged before completing the attack.
27th February - Sank the Greek caique Pi 253/Agios Charalambos (68 GRT) with gunfire North of Monemvasia, Greece.
2nd March - Sank three Greek caiques with gunfire South of the Kassandra peninsula. These were Cha 13/Evangelistria (45 GRT), My 164/Apostolos (25 GRT) and Vol 181/Chariklia (42 GRT).
3rd March - Sank the Greek caique Kal 199/Agios Dionyssios (30 GRT).
5th March - Attacked a convoy with four torpedoes North-East of the Doro Channel. All torpedoes fired missed their target.
12th March - Sank a Greek caique Agia Paraskevi (52 GRT).
13th March - Sank a Greek caique by gun fire, Kal155/Anastassis (32 GRT).
17th March - Arrived Alexandria.

Fourth patrol - 30th March 22nd April 1942.
To patrol in the Adriatic.
7th April - Sank the Italian merchant ship Rosa M. (271 GRT) by gun action, South of Petrovac, Croatia.
9th April - Attacked the Constantino Borsini, 982 GRT. Both torpedoes missed the target.
10th April - Attacked the Sangini (3666 GRT firing a total of five torpedoes all of which missed the target.
13th April - Another unsuccessful attack on a merchant ship of around 3500 tons.
14th April - Attacked two sailing vessels by gun fire sinking one (Franco (73 GRT) the other managing to escape.
16th April - Sank the Italian merchant Delia (5406 GRT) off Brindisi both torpedoes finding their target.
22nd April - Arrived Alexandria.

1st May 1942 - Departed Alexandria for Port Said
2nd May 1942 - Arrived Port Said for docking.
8th May 1942 - Departed Port Said for Alexandria.
9th May 1942 - Arrived Alexandria.

Fifth patrol - 11th May to 4th June 1942.
To patrol the Gulf of Sirte.
14th May - Sank the Italian sailing vessel V32/San Giusto (243 GRT), with gunfire off Ras el Hilal, Libya.
18th May - Torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant ship Bolsena (2384 GRT) west of Bengali, Libya.
24th May - Attacked by aircraft.
29th May - Torpedoed and sank the Italian destroyer Emanuelle Pessagno (1917 tons) and the Italian merchant Capo Arma (3172 GRT) north-west of Benghazi, Libya.
2nd June - Attacked German U-81 firing seven torpedoes in total, all miss the target.
4th June - Arrived Alexandria.

Sixth patrol - 17th June to 15th July 1942.
To patrol in the Gulf of Sirte.
22nd June - Attacked German merchant ship Sturla (1397 GRT), South-West of Benghazi, Libya.
23rd June - Depth charged by the Italian Perseo whilst attempting an attack on a merchant ship.
24th June - Torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant ship Regulus (1085 GRT) in the Gulf of Sirte west of Ghemines.
4th July - Attempted to attack a convoy North of Benghazi but was detected, depth charged and unable to complete the attack.
15th July - Arrived Beirut.

Seventh patrol - 5th August to 1st September 1942.
To patrol West Coast of Greece and two 'Special Operations'.
8th August - Operation Corsair - Picked up an agent on the Southeast coast of Crete.
12th August - Operation Capricorn - Landed two Greek agents near Navarino.
17th August - Torpedoed and damaged the Italian transport ship Nino Bixio (7137 GRT) south-west of Navarino, Greece.
1st September - Arrived Beirut.

14th September 1942 - Departed Beirut for Port Said.
16th September 1942 - Arrived Port Said for docking.

Eighth patrol - 22nd September to 14th October 1942.
To patrol off the Libyan coast, near Tobruk and Benghazi.
6th October - Attacked a convoy about North-East of Benghazi, Libya. Three torpedoes were fired against the German merchant ship Ruhr (5954 GRT). All missed. Ddepth charged following this attack.
8th October - Sank the German Kreta (853 GRT) North of Ras al Hilal, Libya.
14th October - Arrived Beirut.

Ninth patrol - 28th October to 2nd December 1942.
To patrol in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
11th November - Torpedoed and sank the German auxiliary submarine tender Bengasi (1554 GRT) north-east of Capo Carbonara, Sardinia, Italy.
15th November - Attacked an enemy tanker about South-West of Isola di Capri. Four torpedoes were fired but no hits were obtained.
21st November - Arrived Malta.
22nd November - Departed Malta to resume her ninth patrol.
To patrol in the Gulf of Sirte.
24th November - Attacks vehicles at Sirte by gunfire.
2nd December - Arrived Beirut.

Tenth patrol - 18th December 1942 to 14th January 1943.
To proceed to Malta and then from there to patrol the Tyrrhenian Sea.
23rd December - Arrived Malta.
26th December - Departed Malta to resume her tenth patrol.
29th December - Torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant ship Marte (5290 BRT) east of Cape Ferrato, Sardinia, Italy.
11th January 1943 - Torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant ship Vittoria Beraldo (547 GRT) near Cetraro, Calabria, Italy.
14th January 1943 - Arrived Malta.

Eleventh patrol - 25th January to 12th February 1943.
To patrol North of Sicily.
1st February - Torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant ship Pozzuoli (5345 GRT) off Cape San Vito, Sicily.
5th February - Torpedoed and sank the Italian tanker Utilitas (5342 GRT) East of Palermo, Sicily.
7th February - Shells a train at Sant' Ambrogio station.
8th February - Attacked a merchant vessel near Cape Gallo, Sicily, both torpedoes miss the target.
12th February - Arrived Algiers.

Twelfth patrol - 24th February 1943
To patrol in the Tyrrhenian Sea. This would have been her last Mediterranean war patrol before returning to the U.K. for a refit.
1st March - Missed with torpedo but then sank with gunfire the Italian merchant ship San Vincenzo (865 GRT) off Paola, Italy.
3rd March - Sank the Italian sailing vessels Gesu Guiseppe E Maria (64 GRT) and Pier Delle Vigne (65 GRT) with gunfire off Milazzo, Sicily.

On the 11th March she is known to have attacked the mail ship Mafalda. The following morning the anti-submarine trawler Teti II sighted the periscope and conning tower of a submarine and attacked, it is believed, without success. Turbulent did not respond to any further messages and did not return when expected on 23 March. It is thought that Turbulent fell victim to a mine off Maddalena, Sardinia.

As of June 2013, the wreck has never been found and any reference to its discovery is so far incorrect.

In recognition of this achievement, and the gallentry of Turbulent's crew, her commander, John Wallace Linton, DSO, DSC, RN was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross on 25th May 1943.

The citation read:
The King has been graciously pleased to approve of the grant of the Victoria Cross for great valour in command of HM Submarines to Commander John Wallace Linton, DSO, DSC, Royal Navy.

From the outbreak of war until HMS Turbulent's last patrol, Commander Linton was constantly in command of submarines, and during that time inflicted great damage on the enemy. He sank one cruiser, one destroyer, one U-boat, twenty-eight supply ships, some 100,000 tons in all, and destroyed three trains by gunfire.

In his last year he spent two hundred and fifty-four days at sea, submerged for nearly half the time, and his ship was hunted thirteen times and had two hundred and fifty depth-charges aimed at her. His many and brilliant successes were due to his constant activity and skill, and the daring which never failed him when there was an enemy to be attacked.

Probably depth-charged and sunk by Italian MAS boats off Sardinia, 14th March 1943.