Trusty Crest

Large Patrol Submarine


T Class

Second Group

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
15th March 1940.
Vickers-Armstong, Barrow.

30th July 1941.
Lt.Cdr. W.D.A. King, DSO, DSC.

Mar. 1941 - May 1942
Lt.Cdr. W.D.A. King, DSO, DSC.
May 1942 - Oct.. 1943
Lt.Cdr. E.F. Balston, DSO.
Oct. - Nov. 1943
Lt. A.W. Stewart.
Nov. 1943 - Mar. 1944
Lt.Cdr. J.R.G. Harvey.
Mar. - Apr. 1944
Lt. M.F.R. Ainslie, DSO, DSC.
Apr. - June1944
Lt. E.T. Stanley, DSO, DSC.
June - Oct. 1944
Lt. L.E. Herrick, DSC.
Oct. 1944 - Feb. 1945
Lt. J.P. Fyfe DSC.
Feb. - Mar. 1945
Lt. H.S. May.
Mar. - June 1945
Lt. W. St. George Anderson, DSC RNR.
June 1945
Lt. O. Lascelles, DSC.

5 Officers 56 Others.

Service Career:
Oct. 1941
10th Flotilla, Malta.
Eastern Fleet, Colombo.

July - Dec. 1943
Refitting at Swan Hunter, Wallsend.
Completed a total of thirteen 'War Patrols'.

6th September 1941 - Departed Holy Loch for Gibraltar.
13th September - Arrived Gibraltar.

First patrol - 20th September to 2nd October 1941.
To patrol in the Tyrrhenian Sea North of Sicily and to proceed to Malta on completion of this patrol.
27th September - Ordered to leave patrol area and proceed to an area off Naples in order to intercept the Italian Battle Fleet.
29th September - Ordered to leave her patrol and proceed to Malta.
2nd October - Arrived Malta.

Second patrol - 19th October to 5th November 1941.
To patrol off the West coast of Greece.
20th October - Along with submarines Truant and Thorn ordered to patrol South-West of Cephalonia to intercept a convoy that was expected to proceed from Taranto to Benghazi.
22nd October - Ordered to return to her original patrol area.
3rd November - Attacked and fired four torpedoes at two merchant ships, all torpedoes miss the targets.
5th November - Arrived Malta.

Third patrol - 19th November to 9th December 1941.
To patrol off the West coast of Greece.
29th November - Ordered to patrol an area South-West of Navarin with submarines Thunderbolt, Triumph and Perseus in the hope of intercepting an enemy convoy. Nothing sighted.
3rd December - Attacked and fired three torpedoes at three Italian destroyers, all three torpedoes miss their target.
4th December - Attacked and fired three torpedoes at the Italian torpedo boat Procione, all three torpedoes miss the target.
9th December - Arrived Alexandria.

26th December - Departed Alexandria for Port Said.
27th December - Arrived Port Said. Ordered to proceed to Singapore and sailed the same day for Aden.
1st January 1942 - Arrived Aden and departed the same day for Colombo.
9th January 1942 - Arrived Colombo.
12th January - Departed Colombo for Singapore.
20th January - Arrived Singapore.
30th January - Damaged by debris from Japanese bombing of shipping in Singapore harbour.

Fourth patrol - 2nd February to 19th February 1942.
To patrol in the Gulf of Siam. On completion of this patrol she is ordered to proceed to Batavia, Dutch East Indies this was later changed to Surabaya.
February - Attacked with gunfire a Japanese tanker but called off the attack when one of the gun crew was injured by the tanker returning fire.
11th February - Ordered to patrol off the Anambas Islands.
19th February - Arrived Surabaya.

26th February - Departed Surabaya for Colombo.
7th March - Arrived Colombo for docking. Whilst on passage from Surabaya attacked by aircraft.

Fifth patrol - 13th April to 30th April 1942.
To patrol in the Northern entrance to the Malacca Straits.
30th April - Arrived Colombo.

Sixth patrol - 28th May to 17th June 1942. Lt. Cdr. Balston in command.
To patrol in the Northern entrance to the Malacca Straits.
4th June - Attacked, torpedoed and sank the Japanese merchant ship Toyohashi Maru (7031 GRT).
9th June - Attacked and fired two torpedoes at a Japanese merchant ship West of Phuket, both torpedoes miss.
17th June - Arrived Colombo.

Seventh patrol - 11th July to 30th July 1942.
To patrol off the West coast of Siam.
30th July - Arrived Colombo.

Eighth patrol - 17th August to 5th September 1942.
To patrol in the Malacca Straits.
5th September - Arrived Colombo.

Ninth patrol - 23rd September to 12th October 1942.
To patrol in the Malacca Straits.
7th October - Sighted Japanese submarine (I.165) but was unable to carry out an attack.
12th October - Arrived Colombo.

18th October - Docked at Colombo.

Tenth patrol - 6th November to 24th November 1942.
To patrol in the Malacca Straits.
18th November - Attacked, torpedoed and damaged the Japanese troop transport Columbia Maru (5617) near Penang.
24th November - Arrived Colombo.

4th January 1943 - Departed Colombo for Exmouth Gulf, Australia.
17th January 1943 - Arrived Exmouth Gulf.

Eleventh patrol - 20th January to 16th February 1943.
To carry out 'Operation Alight' off the South coast of French Indo-China.
4th February - Carried out 'Operation Alight'.
11th February - Attacked, torpedoed and sank a merchant ship with five torpedoes North-North-West of Bawean Island.
16th February - Arrived Exmouth Gulf.

17th February - Departed Exmouth Gulf for Colombo.
27th February - Arrived Colombo.

5th April 1943 - Departed Colombo for the UK via Diego Saurez.
14th April - Arrived Diego Saurez.
15th April - Departed Diego Saurez for Durban.
22nd April - Arrived Durban.
26th April - Departed Durban for Simonstown.
29th April - Arrived Simonstown.
5th May - Departed Simonstown for Lagos Nigeria.
12th May - Ordered to Pointe Noire instead of Lagos.
13th May - Arrived Pointe Noire.
14th May - Departed Pointe Noire for Freetown.
20th May - Arrived Freetown.
28th May - Departed Freetown for Holy Loch.
6th June - Rammed by the Spanish tanker Campeche (6382 GRT) whilst at 49 feet, proceeded to Gibraltar.
7th June - Arrived Gibraltar.
16th June - Departed Gibraltar for Holy Loch.
26th June - Arrived Holy Loch.
30th June - Departed Holy Loch for Blyth.
2nd July - Arrived Blyth.
9th July - Departed Blyth for Wallsend for refit.

6th December 1943 - Departed Wallsend for Blyth, Lt. Cdr. Harvey in command.
17th December - Departed Blyth for Rothesey
21st December - Arrived Rothesey.

From 20th January to 29th January 1944 involved in exercises out of Rothesey.

20th January - Departed Rothesey for Lerwick.
31st January - Arrived Lerwick.

Twelfth patrol - 1st February to 12th February 1944.
To patrol in the Norwegian Sea.
12th February - Arrived Lerwick.

15th February - Departed Lerwick for Rothesey.
17th February - Arrived Rothesey.

1st March - Departed Rothesey for Scapa Flow, Lt. Ainslie in command.
3rd March - Arrived Scapa Flow.
6th March to 16th March involved in exercises out of Scapa Flow.
16th March - Departed Scapa Flow for Rothesey.

Thirteenth patrol - 16th March to 22nd March 1944.
To patrol of Western Norway, Skudesnes Fjord area.
22nd March - Arrived Lerwick.

24th March - Departed Lerwick for Dundee.
25th March - Arrived Dundee.
30th March - Departed Dundee for Lerwick.
31st March - Arrived Lerwick.
1st April - Departed Lerwick for Scapa Flow.

5th April to 14th April 1944 involved in Exercises out of Scapa Flow.
14th April - Departed Scapa Flow for Dundee.
15th April - Arrived Dundee.

From April 1944 to May 1945 she is involved in exercises out of Scapa Flow, Rothesey and Dundee.

6th May 1945 - Arrived Rothesey.
29th June - Departed Rothesey for Blyth.
2nd July - Arrived Blyth.
26th September - Departed Blyth for Portsmouth.
28th September - Arrived Portsmouth.
17th October - Departed Portsmouth for Falmouth to await scrapping.

Sold to be broken up for scrap in January 1947. She was scrapped at Milford Haven in July 1947.