Large Patrol Submarine


Triton Class

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
24th March 1938.
Vickers-Armstrong, Barrow-in-Furness.

30th October 1939.
Lt.Cdr. R.W. Peers.

July 1939 - Feb. 1940
Lt.Cdr. R.W. Peers.
Feb. - May 1940
Lt.Cdr. C.H. Hutchinson DSO.
May 1940 - Mar. 1942
Lt.Cdr. H.A.V. Haggard.
Mar. - Apr.1942.
Lt.Cdr. E.F. Balston, DSO.
Apr. 1942 - Mar 1943
Lt.Cdr. H.A.V. Haggard, MID, DSO, DSC.
Mar. - Oct. 1943
Lt.Cdr. J.G. Hopkins.
Nov. 1943 - Nov. 1944
Lt. E.C. Creswell, DSC.
Nov. 1944 - Feb. 1945
Lt. C.A.J. Nicoll.
Feb. - July 1945
Lt.Cdr. R.S. Brookes, DSO, DSC

56 Peacetime.
62 Wartime.
5 Officers and 51 Ratings Peacetime
6 Officers and 56 Ratings Wartime.

Service Career:
Nov. 1939
5th Flotilla, HMS Dolphin, Gosport.
2nd Flotilla, HMS Forth, Rosyth.
Sept. 1940
1st Flotilla, Alexandria.
Nov. 1940
1st Flotilla, Malta.
Mar. 1941
1st Flotilla, Alexandria.
Oct. 1941
1st Flotilla, Alexandria.
Colombo (Eastern Fleet.

Carried out 27 War Patrols, four of which took place in the Far East and eleven in the Mediterranean. Her final patrol (27) was abandoned due to mechanical problems.

On her fifth patrol (23rd March 1940) she torpedoed and sank the German merchantman Edmund Hugo Stinnes 4 off Jylland, Denmark.

Sixth patrol (9th April 1940) torpedoed and damaged the German light cruiser Karlsruhe (8350 tons) off Kristiansand, Norway. The Karlsruhe was scuttled with two torpedoes by the German torpedo boat Greif.

Seventh patrol (24th April 1940) carries out special operation, 'Operation Knife', the first 'Special Operation' carried out by submarines in WWII. She also damaged on this patrol (25th April 1940) by a mine detonates nearby.

Eighth patrol (23rd May 1940) fired two torpedoes at the merchantman Alster. Unbeknown to Lt. Cdr. Haggard this vessel had been captured by a British Destroyer in April of 1940 and was at the time of the attack in the hands of the British. Both torpedoes missed.

Tenth patrol (22nd July 1940) Truant attacked with six torpedoes fired by H.M. Submarine Clyde (Cdr. Ingram) who had assumed that she was a German U-boat. Truant should have been clear of this area earlier in the day.

30th August 1940 departs for Gibraltar.
Whilst enroute to Gibraltar (3rd September 1940) intercepts the German merchant Tropic Sea (5781 GRT, built 1920, she was the former Norwegian Tropic Sea which had been captured by the German armed merchant cruiser Orion in the South Pacific on 18 June 1940). The Tropic Sea is scuttled by the German prize crew in the Bay of Biscay about 235 nautical miles north-west of Cape Finisterre, Spain

Arrived Gibraltar 6th September 1940.

On her first patrol in the Mediterranean (Eleventh in total) on the 22nd September 1940 torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant Provvidenza (8459 GRT) south-east of Ischia Island, Italy. During this patrol (26th September 1940) she fires four torpedoes at the Italian auxiliary Petrarca (3329 GRT), all miss the target.

12th October 1940 departs Malta for Alexandria and includes her second Mediterranean patrol (Twelfth in total), arrived Alexandria 21st October 1940.

During her fourteenth patrol (4th in the Mediterranean) on 13th December 1940 torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant Sebastiano Bianchi (1546 GRT) south of Calabria, Italy. Also on the 16th December 1940 torpedoed and sank the Italian tanker Bonzo (8177 GRT) east of Punta Stilo.

Fifteenth patrol, fifth in the Mediterranean (31st December 1940) Truant is detected and depth charged most likely by the Italian torpedo-boat Alcione North of Tripoli, Libya.

Sixteenth patrol (sixth Mediterranean) on the 3rd February 1941 attacked the Italian merchant Calino (5186 GRT) north-west of Benghazi, Libya. Three torpedoes were fired but these all missed ahead of the target.
On the 4th February 1941 attacked an Italian convoy near Benghazi, Libya with 3 torpedoes. The Italian merchants Utilitas (5310 GRT) and Silvia Tripcovich (2365 GRT) were part of this convoy. They were escorted by the torpedo boat Giuseppe La Farina No torpedo hits were obtained. Truant was damaged by the premature explosion of one of her own torpedoes.
9th February 1941 attacked an Italian convoy Northeast of Tripoli, six torpedoes were fired, all missed.
11th February 1941 attacked the Italian merchant Bainsizza (7933 GRT) with gunfire north-north-west of Tripoli. The target was not hit and Truant was forced to dive by the escort. Truant later attacked the same ship with 3 torpedoes. All torpedoes fired missed their target.

Seventeenth patrol (seventh Mediterranean) 19 March 1941
attacked the Italian Costanza (548 GRT) off Buerat, Libya. All torpedoes fired missed their target.

Eighteenth patrol (eighth Mediterranean) 16th April 1941 sank the Italian auxiliary patrol vessel V 62 / Vanna (279 GRT) with gunfire off Apollonia. She was carrying bombs from Benghazi to Derna.
21st April 1941 - Acts as beacon for the Mediterranean Fleet during a bombardment of Tripoli. Later on the same day Truant attacks what is believed to be the small Italian tanker Prometeo (1080 GRT) with 2 torpedoes off Tripoli. Both torpedoes missed their target.

1st May 1941 - Departs Malta for her Nineteenth patrol (9th Mediterranean), enroute to USA for refit.
6th May 1941 torpedoed and sank the Italian passenger/cargo ship Bengasi (1716 GRT) south-east of the Cavoli lighthouse, Sardinia, Italy.

20th May 1941 Departs Gibraltar for refit in the USA having completed her Nineteenth patrol.

10th June 1941 Arrives at Portsmouth Navy Yard, New Hampshire, USA for refit.

19th September 1941 St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada for Gibraltar.

29th September 1941 Arrives Gibraltar.
10th October 1941 Departs Gibraltar for Malta.
16th October 1941 Arrives Malta.

Twentieth patrol (tenth Mediterranean) whilst on this patrol on the 23rd October 1941 torpedoed and sank the German merchant Virginia S. (former Greek, 3885 GRT) in the Otranto Strait of Capo Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy.
24th October 1941 - Attacked and damaged the Italian merchant Padenna (1589 GRT) with gunfire off Bari, Italy. The Italian ship is damaged by fire but was salvaged.
27th October 1941 - landed a team in a folbot to blow up a train. They were successful in doing so and all returned safely to Truant.
31st October 1941 - torpedoed and sank the Italian water tanker Meteor (1685 GRT) south-east of Punta Penna, Ortona, Italy.

Twentyfirst patrol (eleventh Mediterranean)
7th December 1941 - fired three torpedoes against the German merchant Bellona (1297 GRT) off Suda Bay, Crete, Greece.
11th December 1941 - torpedoed and heavily damaged the Italian torpedo boat Alcione north of Crete. The Alcione is beached and declared a total loss.

4th January 1942 - Departed Alexandria for Singapore.
25th January 1942 - Arrived Colombo.
1st February 1942 - Departed Colombo for Batavia, Java, Netherlands East Indies.
8th February 1942 - Arrived Batavia.
9th February 1942 - Depared Batavia for Surabaya.
11th February 1942 - Arrived Surabaya.

Twentysecond patrol (First in Far East)
24th February 1942 - fired 6 torpedoes at the Japanese light cruiser Nagara north of Bali, Netherlands East Indies. All torpedoes fired missed their target.

27th February 1942 - Departed Surabay for Colombo.
8th March 1942 - Arrived Colombo.

Twentythird patrol (Second in Far East)
1st April 1942 - Torpedoed and sank the Japanese merchant cargo ships Yae Maru (6780 GRT) and Shunsei Maru (4939 GRT) in the Malacca Strait west-north-west of Penang, Malaya.

Twentyfourth patrol (Third in Far East)
28th May 1942 - Fired four torpedoes at an unidentified convoy at the Northern entrance to the Malacca Straits. All missed.

Twentyfifth patrol (Fourth in Far East)
3rd July 1942 - Damaged the Japanese army cargo ship Tamon Maru No.1 (3019 GRT) with gunfire in the Straits of Malacca. Two torpedoes were fired before the gun action but both missed.
5th July 1942 - Attacked a small escorted merchant vessel in the Malacca Straits. Three torpedoes were fired but these all missed. Following this attack Truant is depth charged but sustains no damage.
15th July 1942 - This was Truants last patrol before being sent home to refit. Truant is suffering from various defects that need to be resolved before she can proceed back to the U.K.

1st September 1942 - Departs Colombo for the UK
29th November 1942 - Arrived Holy Loch.
5th December 1942 - Arrived at Troon for refit.
16th June 1943 - Arrived at Scapa Flow to participate in Exercises.
1st July 1943 - Having carried out exercises with surface craft and aircraft during this period she returned to Holy Loch.

30th July 1943 - 17th August 1943 Carried out her 26th War Patrol returning to Lerwick.

18th August 1943 - Departed Lerwick for Holy Loch.
20th August 1943 - Departed Holy Loch for refit in Portsmouth.
24th August 1943 - Arrived Portsmouth via Portland.
17th October 1943 - Departed Portsmouth for Holy Loch via Plymouth.
20th October 1943 - Arrived Holy Loch where she is used for trials, training and exercises.

Twentyseventh patrol
18th March 1944 - Departed Lerwick but was forced to abandon the patrol due to mechanical problems.

27th March 1944 - Arrived Holy Loch to once again resume trials, training and exercises.

22nd June 1944 - Departed Holy Loch for the Far East.
4th July 1944 - Arrived Gibraltar, more mechanical problems enroute.
29th July 1944 - Departed Gibraltar for Malta.
3rd August 1944 - Arrived Malta, more mechanical problems enroute.
17th September 1944 - Deployment to Far East is cancelled and due to continued mechanical problems she is ordered home.
9th October 1944 - Arrived Portsmouth via Gibraltar, Falmouth and Portland.
October 1944 - March 1945 - Refit in Portsmouth.
March 1945 - Departed Portsmouth for Barrow to be fitted with snort mast.

Sold 19th December 1945.