Trooper Crest

Large Patrol Submarine


T Class

Second Group

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
26th March 1940.
Knocked off her blocks during an air raid on the 6/7th May 1941 consequently delaying her build.

Scotts, Greenock.

29th August 1942.
Lt. J.S. Wraith, DSO, DSC.

June 1942 - Oct. 1943
Lt. J.S. Wraith, DSO, DSC.
Feb. 1943
Lt. R.P. Webb (Temporary).
June 1943
Lt. G.S.C. Clarabut (Temporary).

5 Officers 56 Others.

Service Career:

Completed seven War Patrols, she was lost on her eighth patrol.

In September/October 1942 Trooper returns to Scotts to have containers fitted on her after casing to enable her to cary chariots.

November 1942 embarks chariots.
12th November - Departed for Malta and was ordered not to stop at Gibraltar as was normal on this journey.
2nd December 1942 - Arrived Malta.

First patrol - 29th December 1942 to 7th January 1943.
To launch chariot attack on shipping in Palermo harbour - 'Operation Principal'.
2nd January - Launches three chariots off Palermo.
Sub.Lt. R.G. Dove and Leading Seaman J. Freel entered the harbour and mined and damaged the Italian troop transport Viminale. Both were later captured by the Italians.
Lt. H.F. Cook and Able Seaman Worthy on one of the other chariots were less fortunate. Lt. Cook drowned when his suit was torn getting through the boom defence nets defending the harbour. Able Seaman Worthy drove the Chariot ashore and blew it up prior to being captured himself.
Sub.Lt. H.L.H Stevens and Leading Seaman Carter had to abandon the attack due to mechanical failure and her crew was picked up by P.46 (Later to be named Unruffled).
7th January - Arrived Malta.

Second patrol - 3rd February to 18th February.
To patrol off the West coast of Greece. Lt. R.P. Webb in command due to Lt. Wraith being ill.
14th February - Attacked the Italian merchant ship Rosandra (8034 GRT), firing six torpedoes none of which hit the target.
18th February - Arrived Malta.

Third patrol - 4th March to 22nd March.
To patrol in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
10th March - Attacked and sank with torpedoes the Italian Rosario (5468 GRT) off Capo Milazzo.
15th March - Attacked and fired 4 torpedoes against the Italian merchant ship Belluno (4279 GRT), South of Capri, Italy. All torpedoes fired however missed their target.
17th March - Attacked, torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant Forli (1525 GRT), South of Capri, Italy.
22nd March - Arrived Algiers.

Fourth patrol - 5th April to 25th April.
To patrol off the North coast of Sicily.
No details of this patrol
25th April - Arrived Algiers.

11th May - Departed Algiers for Malta.
17th May - Arrived Malta.

Fifth patrol - 22nd May to 13th June.
To patrol Along the West coast of Greece and in the Adriatic. She is also tasked to carry out two 'Special Operations'.
25th May - 'Special Operation Entertain'. Landed commandos in four folboats on Zante. This was a diversion to operation 'Husky'.(Operation 'Entertain' was part of plan 'Barclay').
30th May - 'Special Operation Tiger'. Landed more commandos off Vieste, they were recovere d on the 31st May.
3rd June - Attacked and fired four torpedoes against the Italian merchant ship Anna Martini (1686 GRT), all torpedoes miss the target.
12th June - Port shaft damaged after hitting floating wreckage.
13th June - Arrived Beirut.

26th June - Departed Beirut for Port Said - Lt. G.S.C. Clarabut in command due to Lt. Wraith's illness.
28th June - Arrived Port Said for docking.

Sixth patrol - 7th July to 2nd August.
To patrol in the Adriatic and off the West coast of Greece.
14th July - Attacked the Italian merchant ship Cherso (1756 GRT) with torpedoes and gun. All three torpedoes miss the target. On sighting an aircraft the action is called off, dived and took evasive action.
16th July - Ordered to leave her patrol area and to proceed to the Gulf of Taranto.
29th July - Attacked and torpedoed the Italian submarine Pietro Micca (1371 tons), at the entrance to Adriatic, south of the Strait of Otranto. Six torpedoes were fired.
2nd August - Arrived Beirut.

Seventh patrol - 20th August to 10th September - Lt. Wraith resumed command.
To patrol in the Aegean.
31st August - Shells a tannery off Karlovassi, Greece.
5th September - Shelled and sank Greek caique Maria M. (250 GRT) and Greek tug Nikolaos M./Pi 2117 (35 GRT) North of Skiathos, Greece.
10th September - Arrived Beirut.

Eighth patrol - 30th September 1943.
To carry out a special mission for SOE (Special Operations Executive) and then patrol in the Aegean Sea off the Dodecanese islands, including the Leros area.
30th September - Landed a Greek agent (Toby) and wireless operator and stores to carry out 'Operation Eruption' in Kalamos Bay. She is not heard from again.

Probaly mined on or about the 10th October 1943.