Tribune Crest

Large Patrol Submarine


Triton Class

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
3rd March 1937
Scott's Greenock

17th October 1939
Lt.Cdr. G.P.S. Davies

Feb. 1938 - Feb. 1940
Lt.Cdr. G.P.S. Davies
Feb. - May 1940
Lt.Cdr. H.J. Caldwell.
May 1940 - Jan. 1941
Lt. E.F. Balston DSO
Jan. - June 1941
Lt.Cdr. R.G. Norfolk
June - Aug. 1941
Lt.Cdr. W.A.K. Napier Cavaye
Aug. - Oct. 1941
Lt. R.P. Raikes
Oct. - Nov. 1941
Lt. J.H. Bromage
Nov. - Dec. 1941
Lt. T.G. Ridgeway
Dec. 1941 - Jan. 1942
Lt. R. Gatehouse
Jan. 1942
Lt. L.W. Napier
Jan. - Feb. 1942
Lt. G.D.N. Milner DSC.
Feb. - Mar. 1942
Lt. M.G.R. Lumby
Mar. - Apr. 1942
Lt. T.G. Ridgeway
Apr. - Dec. 1942
Lt. N.J. Coe, DSC, RNR
Dec. 1942 - July 1943
Lt. S.A. Porter DSC.
July -1943
Lt. A.F. Murray-Johnson (Temporary).
July 1943 - Jan. 1944
Lt.Cdr. W.N. Eade, RNR
Jan. 1944
A/Lt.Cdr. L.F.L. Hill, RNR
Jan - Dec. 1944
Lt.Cdr. W.N. Eade, RNR
Dec. 1944 - Apr. 1945
Lt. A.D. Piper, DSO, DSC, RD, RNR.
(Lt. Cdr. Mar. 1945).
Apr. - May 1945
Lt. J.P. Fyfe, DSC
May - June 1945
Lt. M.D. Tattersall, RNVR

56 Peacetime.
62 Wartime.
5 Officers and 51 Ratings Peacetime
6 Officers and 56 Ratings Wartime.

Service Career:
Nov. 1939
5th Flotilla, HMS Dolphin, Gosport.
2nd Flotilla, HMS Forth, Rosyth.
2nd Flotilla, HMS Forth, Halifax.
8th Flotilla, Gibraltar/Algiers.
8th Flotilla, HMS Maidstone, Algiers.
7th Flotilla, Rothesay.

Carried out 18 War Patrols four of which were in the Mediterranean.

22nd June 1940: Carried out torpedo attack on the German armed merchant cruiser Schif33/Pinguin off Standlandet, Norway. All torpedoes fired missed their target.

6th September 1940: Attacks what was thought to be an enemy submarine about 15 nautical miles north-east of St. Kilda, Hebrides. Two torpedoes were fired but these missed their target. The target was possibly German U-boat U-56 as this was the only submarine passing through that general area on that day. The Germans however reported no attack.

26th September 1940: Attacks German U-boat U-138 with 5 torpedoes about 10 nautical miles South-West of Ile de Groix. All torpedoes fired missed their target. Tribune was depth charged after this attack but managed to escape.

16th December 1940: Attacked the German tanker Karibisches Meer (6973 GRT, built 1917) escorted by the patrol boats V 406 and V 411 and the minesweeper M 13 in the Bay of Biscay east of Ile de Yeu, France. All torpedoes fired missed their target.

19th December 1940: Attacked a German merchant of 4000 to 5000 tons in the Bay of Biscay west-south-west of Belle Ile, France.

20th September 1942: Encountered German U-boat U-403. Signals were exchanged but neither submarine was in a position to attack the other.

18th November 1942: Sights a small U-boat steering 050° at 11 knots. This must be either U-73, U-205 or U-380, all of which will reach La Spezia the following day. Tribune could not turn fast enough to get into a good attacking position. The attack had to be abandoned.

22nd November 1942: Depth charged near Isoli di Capri, while on patrol near the Southern approaches to Naples, Italy.
Depth charges exploded very close and considerable damage was caused. Tribune managed to slip away and continue her patrol.

10th January 1943:  Torpedoed and damaged the French merchant Dalny (6672 GRT, built 1914) 15 nautical miles from San Remo, Italy. The Dalny was beached to prevent her from sinking.

13th January 1943: Carried out a torpedo attack on a merchant vessel off Saint-Tropez, France. Three torpedoes were fired but no hits were obtained.

10th February 1943: Carried out a torpedo attack on an Italian southbound merchant vessel of 2500 tons about 5 nautical miles South-West of Acciaroli, Italy. Three torpedoes were fired but no hits were obtained.

22nd March 1943: Torpedoed and damaged the German tanker President Herrenschmidt (9103 GRT, built 1932, former French, former Norwegian) about 5 nautical miles South-West of San Lucido, Italy.

30th March 1943: Fired three torpedoes at the Italian merchant Benevento (5229 GRT, built 1918, former French Fort de Souville) about 50 nautical miles north of Ustica, Italy. No hits were obtained. Benevento did however not reach Tunis (her destination), she was sunk later by British Motor Torpedo Boats.

May 1943 - Due to engine problems returns to UK.
Due to consistent engine problems it is decided to withdraw the boat from operational status and to be used as training boat. From 1943 to 1945 Tribune is used as training boat until placed in reserve at Blyth in June 1945.

In 1945 she departs for Falmouth for disposal.

1947 Sold for scrap.