Large Patrol Submarine


Triton Class

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
24 March 1938
Vickers Armstrong, Barrow

16 September 1939
Lt.Cdr. R. McClellan Powning Jonas.

Apr. 1939 - Feb. 1940
Lt.Cdr. R. McClellan Powning Jonas.
Feb. - Aug. 1940
Lt.Cdr. E.R.J. Oddie
Aug. - Oct. 1940
Lt.Cdr. G.S. Salt

56 Peacetime.
62 Wartime.
5 Officers and 51 Ratings Peacetime
6 Officers and 56 Ratings Wartime.

Service Career:
Nov. 1939
2nd Flotilla, HMS Forth, Rosyth.
Sept. 1940
1st Flotilla, Malta.

Completed twelve 'War Patrols', she was lost on her thirteenth patrol.

October 1939 - November 1939 - First War Patrol.

April 1940 Triad sinks the transport Ionia of about 3,000 tons. She also sank an unknown vessel of around 4,500 tons in the Skagerrak in the same month.

The Italian submarine Enrico Toti encountered a British submarine described as of the Perseus class and they pass at close range on opposite course.

The Italian submarine raked his opponent with machinegun fire and fired three rounds of 4" with her deck gun claiming two direct hits. Triad fires back scoring a hit on the conning tower of Toti but this caused only slight damage and wounding two sailors.

A torpedo missed the Italian submarine by a few meters. As Triad pulls away it submerged but by this time Toti has also launched a torpedo which makes a direct hit.

It is almost certain that her victim was Triad.

She was the only British submarine to be sunk by an Italian submarine during the war. 

Sunk 15 October 1940