Traveller Crest

Large Patrol Submarine


T Class

Second Group

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
17th January 1940.
Scotts, Greenock.

10th April 1942.
Lt.Cdr. G.D.A. Gregory, DSO.

Nov. 1941 - Apr. 1942
Lt.Cdr. G.D.A. Gregory, DSO.
Apr. - Nov. 1942
Lt. M.B. St. John.
Nov. - Dec. 1942
Lt.Cdr. D. St. Clair-Ford.

5 Officers 56 Others.

Service Career:

Completed four War Patrols, she was lost on her fifth patrol.

14th May 1942 - Departed Holy Loch for Gibraltar.
24th May 1942 - Arrived Gibraltar.

First patrol - 3rd June to 11th June 1942.
Work-up patrol in the Alboran Sea.
11th June 1942 - Arrived Gibraltar.

19th June 1942 - Departed Gibraltar for Alexandria but is diverted whilst on passage to Haifa.

Second patrol - 19th July to 14th August 1942.
To patrol in the Adriatic. Whilst on passage to her patrol area she is ordered to patrol along the North coast of Crete.
28th July - Attacked the Italian merchant ship Ezilda Croce (1230 GRT), all torpedoes fired missed the target.
31st July - Attacked and fired 6 torpedoes at the Italian gunboat Cattaro, all missed the target.
3rd August - Attacked the German merchant ship Pluto (1156 GRT) with two torpedoes off Mulo Island. Both torpedoes miss the target.
5th August - Attacked the Italian submarine Porfido in the Adriatic Sea, North-East of Pescara, Italy. Torpedoes miss the target so she surfaces for gun action. 15 rounds were fired before the target dived.
7th August - Attacked an Italian submarine in the Otranto Strait, no hits acquired.
14th August - Arrived Beirut.

Third patrol - 30th August to 20th September 1942.
To patrol off the North-African coast in the Tobruk area. Later she was ordered to patrol North of Crete.
5th September - Torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant Albachiara (1245 GRT) North-East of Derna, Libya. She later attacked and fired two torpedoes at a merchant ship North-West of Derna, Libya.
17th September - South of Cape Archangelo (Rhodes) picked up Lt. David Sutherland and Marine Duggan of the SBS (Special Boat Service), the remnants of operation ANGLO, ten other members of the party failed to make the rendezvous and were captured.
20th September - Arrived Beirut.

Fourth patrol - 4th October to 26th October 1942.
To patrol off Crete.
9th October - Attacked and fired four torpedoes at the Italian tanker Proserpina (4870 GRT), all miss the target.
11th October - Attacked and fired two torpedoes at the German auxiliary minelayer Bulgaria to the West of Crete, both miss the target.
15th October - Attacked a convoy and fired four torpedoes at the Italian merchant ship Anna Maria (1205 GRT) West of Crete, all torpedoes miss the target.
26th October - Arrived Port Said.

13th November - Departed Port Said for Malta with stores.
23rd November - Arrived Malta.

Fifth patrol - 28th November 1942.
To carry out a reconnaissance of Taranto in connection with Operation Principal. She was not heard from again.

Probably mined in the Gulf of Taranto on or about the4th December 1942.