Templar Crest 

Large Patrol Submarine


T Class

Third Group

Pennant No.:
P.96 - Renumbered July 1941.

P.316 - Renamed February 1943

Laid Down:
28th December 1941
Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness.

15th February 1943 
Lt. D.J.Beckley, DSO.

Jan. 1943 - Apr. 1944
Lt. D.J. Beckley, DSO.
Apr. 1944 - July 1944
Lt. T.G. Ridgeway.
July 1944 - July 1945??
T/Lt. C.J. Hardy RNR.
July 1945
Lt. T.G. Ridgeway.
Mar. 1948
Lt. D.G. Kent.

5 Officers and 58 Ratings (normally).

Service Career:
8th Flotilla, Algiers, Mediterranean.
4th Flotilla, Colombo.
4th Flotilla, Trincomalee.
1947 - 1949
1st Flotilla/Sqdn, Malta.
Completed Eleven 'War Patrols'.

First patrol - 22nd March to 10th April 1943.
To patrol in the Norwegian Sea.
Whilst on passage to Lerwick to top up with fuel and provisions she was ordered to proceed to a patrol area of the Lofoten and not to proceed to Lerwick. Several German 'heavy units' had been on the move in Northern Norway.

10th April - Arrived Lerwick. 25th May - Departed Holy Loch for Gibraltar.
7th June - Arrived Gibraltar.

Second patrol - 13th June to 30th June 1943.
30th June - Arrived Algiers.

Third patrol - 12th July to 2nd August 1943.
21st July - Attacked the Italian submarine Axum with 7 torpedoes North-West of Calvi, Corsica. All torpedoes fired missed their target.
2nd August - Arrived Algiers.

21st August - Departed Algiers for Malta.
24th August - Arrived Malta.
25th August - Departed Malta for Beirut.
30th August - Arrived Beirut.
5th September - Departed Beirut for Port Said.
9th September - Departed Port Said for Aden.
16th September - Arrived Aden.
18th September - Departed Aden for Colombo.
29th September - Arrived Colombo.

Fourth patrol
- 9th October to 31st October 1943.
To patrol in the Malacca Straits.
31st October - Arrived Colombo.

Fifth patrol - 17th November to 8th December 1943.
Carried out 'Special Operation'.
8th December - Arrived Trincomalee.

Sixth patrol - 28th December 1943 to 8th January 1944.
To patrol off the West coast of Siam and the approaches to the Malacca Straits.
During this patrol she experienced problems with flooding of the periscope, radar and gyro and decides to abandon the patrol.
8th January 1944 - Arrived Trincomalee.

Seventh patrol - 18th January to 12th February 1944.
To patrol in the Malacca Straits and carry out a 'Special Operation'.
24th January - Attacked a Japanese submarine firing six torpedoes, all of which miss the target, South of Penang.
27th January - Attacked the Japanese cruiser Kitakami, fired eight torpedoes. The Kitakami is damaged by two hits but is able to return to port.
31st January - Attacked a Japanese submarine with three torpedoes South of Penang, all torpedoes miss the target.
12th February - Arrived Trinomalee.

Eighth patrol
- 1st March to 28th March 1944.
To patrol in the Malacca Straits.
28th March - Arrived Trincomalee.

Ninth patrol - 26th April to 9th May 1944.
To patrol off the North-West coast of Sumatra. This patrol also included a 'Special Operation'.
9th May - Arrived Trincomalee.

Tenth patrol
- 23rd May to 16th June 1944.
To patrol in the Malacca Straits. She is also to lay a minefield off the Dindings.
4th June - Laid a minefield in the Strait of Malacca off the Dindings.
16th June - Arrived Trincomalee.

Eleventh patrol - 9th July to 31st July 1944.
To patrol off Northern Sumatra this patrol also included a 'Special Operation'.
16th July - Attacked and fired eight torpedoes at a German U-boat, all torpedoes missed the target.
31st July - Arrived Trincomalee.

14th August 1944 - Departed Trincomalee for the UK.
28th August - Arrived Aden.
20th September - Arrived Suez.
22nd September - Arrived Port Said.
29th September - Arrived Malta.
12th October - Arrived Gibraltar.
28th October - Arrived Holy Loch.
2nd February 1945 - Arrives at Troon for refit.

Sunk as target in Loch Striven in 1950.
Salvaged December 1958 and scrapped 17th July 1959.