Spearfish Crest

Medium Patrol Submarine


Shark Class

Group Two

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
23rd May 1935.
Cammell Laird, Birkenhead.

11th December 1936.
Lt. Cdr. R.R. Helbert.

Aug. 1936 - Jan. 1937
Lt. Cdr. R.R. Helbert.
Jan. 1937
Lt. Cdr. J.G.P.D. Long.
Dec. 1937 - Oct. 1938
Lt. P.S. Francis.
Dec. 1938 - Apr. 1939
Lt. Cdr. J. H. Eaden.
Apr. 1939
Lt. D.A. Pirie.
Feb. - Aug. 1940
Lt. Cdr. J. H. Forbes.

5 Officers and 35 Ratings.

Service Career:
1937 - Aug. 1939
6th Flotilla, HMS Titania, Portland.
Aug. 1939
2nd Flotilla, HMS Lucia, Devonport.
Sept. 1939
2nd Flotilla, HMS Forth, Dundee.
3rd Flotilla, HMS Cyclops, Harwich.
6th Flotilla, HMS Elfin, Blyth.

Completed six 'War Patrols', lost on the seventh patrol.

Possibly the first British warship to be attacked by the enemy.
Hostilities against the Germans were commenced at 1100 hours on 3rd September 1939, Spearfish was attacked by a German submarine at 1104.
Depth charged on 26th September 1939 and damaged. She was escorted home by the cruisers Aurora and Sheffield, the battleships Nelson and Rodney, the battlecruisers Hood and Repulse and air cover provided by the Ark Royal.
Was part of the submarine force which was in the Kattegat and off the coast of Norway during the German invasion of Norway.
Attacked and damaged the German pocket battleship Lutzow, 10th April 1940, effectively putting her out of action for one year.

Sailed from Rosyth on 31st July 1940 and was sunk by U34 using her last torpedo whilst returning from patrol on 1st August 1940 approximately 180 miles West southwest of Stavanger.
There was only one survivor.