Shark Crest

Medium Patrol Submarine


Shark Class

Group Two

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
12th June 1933.
H.M. Dockyard, Chatham.

31st December 1934.
Lt. Cdr. J.G. Roper.

Oct. 1934 - Jul. 1935
Lt. Cdr. J.G. Roper.
(Cdr. June 1935)
Nov. 1935
Lt. Cdr. G.H. Bolus.
Jul. 1937 - Dec. 1938
Lt. Cdr. G.M. Sladen.
Jan. 1939 - Jul. 1940
Lt. Cdr. P. N. Buckley DSO.

5 Officers and 35 Ratings.

Service Career:
1935 - Sept. 1939
1st Flotilla, HMS Cyclops/Maidstone, Malta.
Sept. 1939
1st Flotilla, Malta.
Nov. 1939 - 1940
3rd Flotilla, HMS Cyclops, Harwich.
3rd Flotilla, HMS Maidstone, Rosyth.

Completed six 'War Patrols', she was lost on her seventh patrol.

Attacked by a German seaplane 5th July 1940 there was much damage to the boat. She was able to surface later but was unable to steer correctly as the rudder was jammed and one of the main engines was out of action.
During the course of the next twenty-four hours she was attacked by numerous aircraft from Stavanger and many of her crew were killed or wounded.
The Commanding officer eventually took the decision to surrender after destroying anything which may be of use to the enemy and placing demolition charges.
Four trawlers were sent from Stavanger to take off the crew and to take the Shark in tow. As the trawlers attempted to tow Shark she began to sink by the stern and the tow was released.
Shark sank in approximately 700 feet of water 30 miles Southwest of Stavanger.

Sank, possibly due to damage caused by aircraft attack or by demolition/scuttling charges set by crew, 5th July 1940.