Sealion Crest

Medium Patrol Submarine


Shark Class

Group Two

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
16th May 1933.
Cammell Laird, Birkenhead.

22nd September 1934
Lt. Cdr. R.R. Helbert.

May 1934
Lt. Cdr. R.R. Helbert.
Jan. 1935
Lt. Cdr. J.P. Wisden.
Aug. 1936
Lt. E.F. Pizey.
July 1937 - Aug. 1938
Lt. H.F. Bone.
Sept. 1938 - Oct. 1941
Lt. Cdr. B. Bryant.
(Cdr. June 1940)
Oct. 1941 - April 1942
Lt. Cdr. G. R. Colvin.
April - July 1942
Lt. D.S.M. Verschoyle-Campbell, DSC.
July 1942 - Jan. 1943
Lt. D. Lambert DSC .
Jan. - March 1943
Lt. D.S.M. Verschoyle-Campbell, DSC.
Mar. 1943 - Jan. 1944
Lt. N.J. Coe, DSC, RNR.
Jan. - Mar. 1944
Lt. C.A.J. Nicoll.
Mar. 1944
Lt. P.E. Newstead DSC.

5 Officers and 35 Ratings.

Service Career:
1935 - Nov. 1939
1st Flotilla, HMS Maidstone/Cyclops, Malta.
Nov. 1939
3rd Flotilla, HMS Cyclops, Harwich.
3rd Flotilla, HMS Maidstone, Rosyth.
6th Flotilla, HMS Titania, Blyth.
3rd Flotilla, HMS Forth, Holy Loch.
7th Flotilla, Rothesay (Training Duties).
Refitting Devonport.

Was part of the submarine force which was in the Kattegat and off the coast of Norway during the German invasion of Norway.
Sank the August: Leonhardt of 2,500 ton south of Anholt Island in the Kattegat, 11th April 1940.
Having sunk the leading ship in a convoy in August 1940 in the Skaggerak she was lucky to escape when the second ship passed right over her breaking her periscopes.
Stopped the Norwegian SS Fylke and after allowing the evacuation of passengers sank with high explosive shells, February 1941.

Served as a marker submarine in December 1941 in Operation Anklet, the raid on the Lofotens.

Sealion completed 27 war patrols.

Used as Anti-submarine target off Isle of Arran, 3rd March 1945.