Sentinel Crest


Medium Patrol Submarine


S Class

Third Group 1942 Programme.

Pennant No.:
ex P.256 - Renamed April 1943.

Laid Down:
15th November 1943.
Scotts, Greenock.

28th December 1945.
Lt. G.S.C. Clarabut.

Nov. 1945 - Apr. 1946
Lt. G.S.C. Clarabut.
Dec. 1946 - Nov. 1947
Lt. P. Murray-Jones.
Aug. 1950
Lt. Cdr. I.M. Stoop DSC.
June 1953
Lt. Cdr. R.C. Bucknall.
July 1954
Lt. Cdr. J.A.G. Evans.
Dec. 1959
Lt. R.N. Buckley.

5 Officers and 43 Ratings.
Additional Officer carried in the Far East.

Service Career:
1947 - 1948
2nd Flotilla, HMS Maidstone, Portland.
1951 - 1957
1st Flotilla, HMS Wolfe, Malta.
1959 - 1960
2nd Flotilla, HMS Maidstone, Portland.

Sentinel was one of the few S boats to be completed too late to be employed in a war role.

Sold 28th February 1962.