Pandora Crest

Early Patrol Submarine


Parthian Class

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
9th July 1928.
Vickers-Armstrong, Barrow-in-Furness.

30th June 1930.
Lt. Cdr. A.L. Besant.

May 1930
Lt. Cdr. A.L. Besant.
Feb. 1931
Lt. Cdr. W.D. Stephens.
Lt. Cdr. B.W. Galpin.
Aug. 1932 - Aug. 1934
Lt. Cdr. G.G. Slade.
Nov. 1934 - Aug. 1936
Cdr. E.R. Gibson (Lord Ashbourne).
Aug. 1936 - Oct. 1938
Lt. Cdr. R.W. Peers.
Oct. 1938 - Feb. 1939
Lt. M.A. Langley (Refitting).
May 1940 - June 1941
Lt. Cdr. J. Linton DSC.
July 1941 - Apr. 1942
Lt. R.L. Alexander.

5 Officers and 51 Ratings.

Service Career:
5th Flotilla, HMS Dolphin, Gosport.
4th Flotilla, HMS Medway, Hong Kong.
Sept. 1939
4th Flotilla, HMS Medway, Hong Kong (Refit).
Nov. 1939
4th Flotilla, HMS Medway, Hong Kong.
1st Flotilla, H.M.S. Medway, Alexandria.
8th Flotilla, HMS Maidstone, Gibraltar.
1st Flotilla, HMS Medway, Alexandria.

Completed fifteen 'War Patrols'.

June 1940 - Carried out patrols in the Eastern Mediterranean.

July 1940 - In operations against the French Fleet at Oran.

4th July 1940 - Sinks the French colonial sloop Rigault de Genouilly off Algiers.

August - 1940 Participated in the 'Magic Carpet' runs to supply Malta during the blockade of the island.

September - 1940 Survives depth charge attak by the Italian torpedo boat Cosenz.

Sank a supply ship in September 1940 off Benghazi.

Sank the Palma 2,700 tons South of Sardinia January 1941 also motor transport vessel Valdivagna 5,500 tons as well as a 4,000 ton ship off Cape Spartivento (Calabria).

On 1st April 1942, before she could even unload her cargo she received two direct hits during an air raid and sank at her moorings.

Sank in Valetta Dockyard, Malta, after being bombed by Italian aircraft 1st April 1942.

Salvaged in September 1943 and scrapped in 1945.

It should be noted that boats attached to 1st Flotilla in Alexandria were likely to spend much of their time at Malta even though Malta had been given up as a submarine base due to the air attacks. Although submarines did still operate from Malta during this period the 10th Flotilla was not recognised as such until September 1941.