Oxley Class

Early Patrol Submarine

Early Patrol Submarine


Designed by Vickers as opposed to H.M. Dockyard Chatham the internal arrangements were similar to the prototype Oberon's. There was improvements in the hull form resulting in a slightly higher speed.

Both boats left Vickers on 8th February 1928 and reached Malta eleven days later. They remained in Malta until 15th November 1928 as they required engine columns to be strengthened. During this reconstruction both boats were reduced to RESERVE status.

Both Oxley and Otway were placed into reserve in Australia in May 1930. In April 1931 the boats recomissioned into the Royal Navy at Sydney as a free gift from the Australians.

They were laid down as AO.1 and AO.2 but at the launch the former was named Oxley and the latter Otway.

2 Built


Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness
1925 - 1927

Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness
1925 - 1927


Technical Information

1,349 sf
1,872 sm

Length (ft):
275 oa

Breadth (ft):
27.5 oa

Draught/Height (ft):

Vickers 3,000hp diesel engine.
1,350 electric motor.
Twin screws.

Speed (kts):
15 sf
8.5 sm

Oil Supply (tons):
195 tons

8 x 21 inch tubes, 6 bow, 2 stern.
16 reloads.
1 x 4 inch gun. 2x machine gun.

7000 miles at 10 knots sf.

50-56 officers and ratings.