Olympus Crest

Early Patrol Submarine


Odin Class

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
14th April 1927.
Beardmore, Dalmuir.

14th June 1930.
Not known at present.

Sept. 1930
Lt. Cdr. B.R. Hooper.
Sept. 1932
Lt. Cdr. J.B. Mitford.
Oct. 1933 - July 1935
Lt. Cdr. J.A.C. Hill.
Oct. 1935
Cdr. R.G.B. Hayter.
Sept. 1937 - Jan. 1940
Cdr. H.V. King.
Jan. 1940 - Aug. 1941
Lt. Cdr. H.D. Dymott.
Aug. - Sept. 1941
Lt. Cdr. F.N.B. Johnson RNR.
Sept. 1941 - May 1942
Lt. Cdr. H.D. Dymott.

5 Officers and 51 Ratings.

Service Career:
5th Flotilla, HMS Dolphin, Gosport.
1930 - Sept. 1939.
4th Flotilla, HMS Medway, Hong Kong.
Sept. 1939
4th Flotilla, HMS Medway, Singapore.
Nov. 1939
8th Flotilla, HMS Lucia, Columbo.
1st Flotilla, Malta.
8th Flotilla, HMS Maidstone, Gibraltar.

Completed twelve 'War Patrols' and also storage (Magic Carpet) runs between Gibraltar and Malta.

Cdr. King was awarded the O.B.E. for carrying out an unsuccessful pursuit of the Graf Spee which had sunk the 'Africa Shell' in the Mozambique Channel on 15th November 1939.
Whilst in dry dock in Malta in July 1940 was hit by a bomb and put out of action for some considerable time.

1941, sinks or damages a small transporter of around 1.800 tons.
This boat had been adapted for carrying stores and personnel to and from Malta.

When leaving Malta on 8th May 1942 she had, with her own crew and passengers, a total of 98 people onboard.  She was sunk by a mine off Malta 8th May 1942, there were nine survivors.

It should be noted that although some boats were attached to H.M.S. Medway at Singapore, they often operated in a detached mode covering the China Station such as Hong Kong and even to the point of patrolling the Siberian Coast.