New Dreadnought Class

Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN)

Successor to the Vanguard Class



Artist Impression of New Dreadnought Class
Artist Impression of new Dreadnought Class

New Dreadnought CGI

Vanguard Class Successor

Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN)

The Dreadnought class is the replacement for the Vanguard class of ballistic missile submarines which entered service in the United Kingdom in the 1990's with an intended service life of 25 years. They will carry Trident D-5 missiles – the vehicle for delivering the UK's nuclear weapons. Replacing the Vanguard submarines is necessary if the Royal Navy is to maintain a "continuous at-sea deterrent" (CASD), the principle of operation behind the Trident system.

In May 2011 the government approved the initial assessment phase for the new submarines and authorised the purchase of long lead-time items including steel for the hulls. In May 2015 the Conservative Party won the UK General Election on a manifesto which included a commitment to maintaining a CASD with four Successor submarines. The final decision to commit to the Successor programme was approved on 18 July 2016 when the House of Commons voted to renew Trident by 472 votes to 117.  Construction started in late 2016 at the Barrow-in-Furness shipyard operated by BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines. The first submarine is originally expected to enter service in 2028.

Previously named Successor class, it was officially announced on 21 October 2016 (to mark Trafalgar Day) that the first of class would be named Dreadnought, and that the class would be the Dreadnought class.  The first steel for Dreadnought was cut in Octobr 2016 and the next three boats will also be given names with "historical resonance".


1 Building


Vickers (VSEL), Barrow-in-Furness.
2016 - ????


Technical Information

17,200  sf
19,000 sm

Length (ft):
502 oa

Breadth (ft):

Draught/Height (ft):

Nuclear reactor, turbo-electric drive, pump-jet

Speed (kts):
?? sf
?? sm

Oil Supply (tons):

12 × ballistic missile tubes for: 8 to 12 Lockheed Trident II D5 SLBMs