L Class

Minelaying Submarine

Class Updates
9th January 2018
L26  L27

L Class Minelaying Submarine


The above six boats of the second group of 'L' class were selected to be completed as minelayers. These were ordered in 1916, they wre finished too late to be used in WWI. L24 to L27 were only launched after WWI. L26 and L27 were transferred unfinished from Vickers to to HM Dockyards for completion.

Because the idea of laying mines from vertical chutes was dropped shortly after WWI these boats were never employed in laying mines. Although the mine tubes were never used it is highly unlikely that they were removed.

As with the 'E Class' minelayers the mine tubes were arranged in the saddle tanks.

6 Built

Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness
1917 - 1926

H.M. Dockyard,Devonport
1918 - 1926

H.M. Dockyard, Sheerness
1918 - 1926

Technical Information

L14, L17, L26, L27: 908 sf 1,065 sm
L24, L25: 911 sf 1068 sm

Length (ft):
238.5 (oa)

Breadth (ft):

Draught/Height (ft):

2 x 12 cylinder solid injection Vickers type diesels
2400 bhp.
4 x electric motors
1600 bhp
1 x 20 hp aux motor for slow running.
Twin screws.

Speed (kts):
17.5 sf
10.5 sm

Oil Supply (tons):
76 tons.
1 x 4 inch/40 QF; 2 MG.
4 x 21 inch bow tubes.
8 Torpedoes carried.
L24/L25 completed without the 4 inch gun.
L14, L17, L26, L27: 16 mines.
L24, L25: 14 mines.

3,800 nm at 10 kts.
200 nm at 2 kts.

39 officers and ratings.