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These boats were designed once again with the idea of keeping up with the Fleet.
The original intention was to build twenty of this class but due to a change of Admiralty policy during 1933 the orders were cancelled after only three of the class had been completed.

In order to keep the weight ratio down the diving depth was set at 300 feet.   As with the previous 'O' class this class also carried fuel in external tanks but unlike the 'O's these tanks were welded and not riveted.

All three of this class served in WWII, Thames being lost in 1940, the other two were taken of the active list whilst in the Far East in 1945.

3 Built


Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness
1933 - 1935


Technical Information

1,850 sf
2,723 sm
Thames 1,805 sf
Thames 2,680 sm

Length (ft):
345 (loa)

Breadth (ft):

Draught/Height (ft):
Thames 13.5

10 cylinder Admiralty diesel engines 10,000 hp diesel engine.
Admiralty electric motors 2,500 hp Electric motor.
Twin Screws

Speed (kts):
22.5 kts sf
10 kts sm
Thames 21.75 kts sf
Thames 10 kts sm

Oil Supply (tons):

6 x 21 inch bow tubes
12 reloads.
1 x 4 inch.
2 x Machine guns.

10,000 miles at 8 kts sf.
118 miles at 4 kts sm.
13 miles at 10kts sm.

61 officers and ratings.