Experimental Submarines

X.1 Class

Experimental Cruiser Submarine


The idea of a cruiser submarine was conceived as early as 1915 but was not put into practice until 1921.

She was laid down on the 2nd November 1921 at the Naval Dockyard Chatham and completed on 23rd September 1925, she commissioned in December 1925. MAN engines had been fitted to her as they had been seen to be efficient when fitted in German U-boats of W.W.I. Unfortunately in the case of X1 this did not occur and she was to suffer with engine problems all her short life.

These engine problems proved to be her undoing and she was placed in Reserve in 1933, taken off the active list in 1936 and scrapped in 1937.

1 Built


H.M. Dockyard, Chatham.
1921 - 1925


Technical Information

2,780 sf.
3,600 sm.

Length (ft):

Breadth (ft):

Draught/Height (ft):

2 x 6,000 H.P. MAN Diesels.
2,600 H.P. Electric Motors

Speed (kts):
19.5 kts sf
9 kts sm

Oil Supply (tons):

6 x 21 inch bow tubes.
2 x 2 5.2 inch guns.
4 x machine-guns.

12,400 nm sf

8 Officers and 101Ratings.