Experimental Submarines

S.1 Class


Experimental S Class Submarine


The 'S' Class were based on an Italian design by Fiat-San Giorgio and built under licence by Scotts. They were constructed to the principles of the Italian architect Laurenti, had a double hull, duck-tail stern and as many as ten internal bulk-heads.   A great improvement on earlier British designs.

The three 'S' Class boats were based at Yarmouth and operated in the North Sea.   In June of 1915, S1 whilst on patrol suffered an engine failure, unable to charge her battery the prospects were beginning to look somewhat bleak.   On the third day, 24th June 1915, she was lucky to sight a German trawler and quickly dispatched a boarding party.   Once in control of the trawler , 'S1' was taken in tow back to Yarmouth.

All the 'S' boats were transferred to the Italian Navy in 1915.   It would seem the powers that be were not too impressed with these boats, would you say?

3 Built

S1, S2, S3.
Scotts, Greenock
1914 - 1915


Technical Information

265 sf
324 sm

Length (Metric):

Breadth (Metric):

Draught/Height (Metric):

Scott-Fiat 6 cylinder diesels 650hp.
2 Electric Motors 400hp.
Two Shafts.

Speed (kts):
13 sf
8.5 sm

Oil Supply (tons):

2 x 18 inch (bow). 1 x 12pdr gun.
Reloads:4 .

1,600 nm at 8.5 knots sf

18 Officers and Ratings.