Experimental Submarine


K Class
Group One

Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
October 1915.
Fairfield, Govan.

Did not complete acceptance trials as K13.
Lt. Cdr. G. Herbert.

Lt. Cdr. G. Herbert.

5 Officers and 53 Ratings.

Service Career:
During her final dive on acceptance trials on 29th January 1917, whilst carrying 80 personnel (crew, civilians from the builders and the captain designate of K.14), she ran into problems.  At a depth of some 20 feet the boiler room reported that the compartment was flooding.  Main ballast tanks were blown and the forward keel was dropped, she continued out of control to the seabed.  Although the depth was only some 50 feet more, aft of the torpedo room was completely flooded and 31 men were drowned.

It was almost two and a half days later that the remainder of the crew were able to escape.  This was achieved by cutting a hole through both hulls with an oxy-acetylene torch.  She was raised on 15th March 1917 and returned to Fairfields.

After the necessary repair work was completed she was eventually commissioned as K.22.

K.14 was the last submarine that Fairfield built and as a result no other submarine carried the number 13.

Later at an Admiralty Inquiry, divers reported finding four thirtyseven inch ventilators over the boiler room open, Indicators in the boiler room were set open and the engine-room hatch was undone.

See K.22.