Oberon Class (Prototype)

Prototype Patrol Submarine

Early Prototype Patrol Submarine


Oberon was the first British post war designed overseas patrol submarine. Developed from the L class she became the prototype of nineteen similar and not successf ul boats.

Designed for operations in the Far East, Oberon was given the theoretical range of nearly 10,000 nautical miles and carried an outfit of sixteen torpedoes. As the time availabe for operations in the patrol area depended on both buker capacity as well as the number of torpedoes, it had been not easy to find the correct relation between the two.

1 Built


H.M. Dockyard, Chatham.
1924 - 1926


Technical Information

1,311 sf
1,892 sm

Length (ft):
269.75 oa

Breadth (ft):
28 oa

Draught/Height (ft):

Admiralty 2,950hp diesel engine.
1,350 electric motor.
Twin screws.

Speed (kts):
13.75 sf
7.5 sm

Oil Supply (tons):
186 tons.

8 x 21 inch tubes, 6 bow, 2 stern.
16 reloads.
1 x 4 inch gun. 2x machine gun.

6500 miles at 10 knots sf.

50-56 officers and ratings.