'C' Class

Group One
Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
9th December 1905.
Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness.

23rd May 1907.
Not known at present.

Lt. J.R.G. Moncreiffe.
1910 - 1912
Lt. R.T. Dimsdale.
Lt. C.L. Kerr.
May 1913
Lt. R.H.B. Everard.
Lt. T.A. Powell.

2 Officers, 14 Ratings

Service Career:
May 1907 1910
HMS Thames, Nore Command Flotilla.
1910 - 1912
HMS Thames, 3rd Section, Nore.
1912 - Aug. 1914
6th Flotilla, HMS Bonaventure, Harwich.
Aug. - Nov. 1914
6th Flotilla, HMS Bonaventure, Grimsby.
Nov. 1914 - Sept. 1916
6th Flotilla, HMS Bonaventure, Tyne.
Sept. 1916 - Apr. 1917
2nd Flotilla, HMS Bonaventure, Tyne.
Apr. 1917 - Nov. 1918
3rd Flotilla, HMS Hebe, Immingham.
Nov. 1918
Experimental & Trials, Dartmouth.

Another of the C class employed in trawler/submarine operations.

On 19th August 1916 the German High Sea Fleet was at last at sea.  The British Grand Fleet had put to sea to attempt to intercept.

The German Fleet was sighted by the trawler and C8 was duly slipped from her tow to position herself for the attack.  Unfortunately Everard  could not see anything through his periscope and decided to bring her to the surface to ascertain his position.

The German Fleet wasn't where it was supposed to have been but Everard could see smoke in the distance and assumed that the German Fleet had crossed his path, turned around and was now approaching him.   C8 dived once again to position herself for the attack, she was only able to get into an attacking position on the last of the cruisers.  Two shots were fired from long distance but no explosions were heard.

Sometime later C8 surfaced only to see what he assumed was the German Fleet disappearing into the distance and his trawler way off in the distance being approached by a destroyer which he assumed was making an attack on the trawler.

Once again C8 dived to get into an attacking position on the attacking destroyer.  As Everard approached the target he was surprised to see her flashing with her signal lamp C8 identification number.  He surfaced and reported that he had attacked the German Fleet and fired two torpedoes which had missed their target.

The destroyers reply came as a shock when they informed Everard he had attacked the British Grand Fleet and it was just as well that he was a bad shot.

Sold 22nd October 1920.