'C' Class

Group One
Pennant No.:

Laid Down:
25th November 1905.
Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness.

13th March 1907.
Not known at present.

Lt. G.H. Kellett.
Oct. 1912 - 1914
Lt. G.A. Saltren-Willett.
June 1914
Lt. A.E. Whitehouse.
Lt. N.W. Dixon.
Lt. J. D. A. Musters.
Lt. J. D. A. Musters.
Aug. 1918 - Feb. 1919
Lt. W. Ibbett.

2 Officers, 14 Ratings

Service Career:
Mar. 1907 - 1910
HMS Thames, Nore Command Flotilla.
1910 - 1912
HMS Thames, 3rd Section, Nore.
5th Flotilla, HMS Thames, Nore.
1913 - Aug. 1914
5th Flotilla, HMS Thames, Harwich.
Aug. 1914 - Sept. 1916
5th Flotilla, HMS Thames, Sheerness.
Sept. 1916 - Apr. 1917
4th Flotilla, HMS Thames, Sheerness (Queenborough).
Apr. 1917 - Dec. 1918
6th Flotilla, HMS Dolphin, Portsmouth.

Carried out two seperate attacks on German submarines.   The first took place on 26th September 1917, she fired whilst on the surface and on seeing the U-boat disappear into the darkness assumed that she had missed.

The second took place on 27th March 1918, again whilst on the surface charging her batteries, she fired two torpedoes at a U-boat whilst off Beachy Head.  The U-boat dived and once again the assumption was that she had missed.

After the war when all the logs of the U-boats were obtained it was discovered that the first attack had hit the U-boat on her starboard quarter and failed to explode.

The second attack also proved partially successful in that the torpedoes hit the U-boat under the conning tower but once again had failed to explode.

Sold 28th February 1922.